Magnifico Chinchillas

home of beautiful chinchillas & eXOTIC pet care

About Us

We are based in The Reeds, Centurion, PTA.


Magnifico first started as a hobby and  a BIG love for these beautiful animals, and grew quickly as we met loads of fellow exotic-pet lovers and noticed a big need for PROPER exotic pet care and goods!


We absolutely pride ourselves in top quality products, services and healthy babies and all of our animals grow up in a pet and loving environment!


We are a very dynamic team all contributing towards animal's well being, spoils and health.

Our continual growth and ability to make a difference is all thanks to a beautiful small group of friends we proudly co-work with.


What makes us different?

Our doors are OPEN for viewing of our setup and beautiful animals as well as assistance and proper information on caring for your exotic pets.

We gladly walk the lifelong journey of your beloved pets with you and we are always willing to go the extra mile!


We strive for excellence, proper care awareness and provide great platforms for co-critter lovers to spoil your (fur) kids or mingle and learn more about critters, especially exotics.

Ask us about our whatsapp group and follow our facebook page!


Magnifico specializes in cages, enclosures and setups for all exotics ranging from budget lines to elite !

So, something for everyone !


We offer holiday care for critters and loads of goodies.


Let's get in touch,


Team Magnifico